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Rakning c-19

Covid 19 Infection tracing App

The C-19 app is an important tool in the comprehensive work carried out here in Iceland with regard to COVID-19 and can be of great assistance to hinder the spread of the virus.


In 2020 I was contacted by the IT team at deCODE Genetics and asked if I could help out in any way I could in developing an app to help the Icelandic C19 tracing  team in their work to fight the spread of C-19 in Iceland.

Long story short. The app was developed by a group of individuals from various companies and from the Icelandic Health Services and the official Tracing team. All who gave their work 100%. 

I worked as a lead-designer in the project, working closely with a team from Aranja who did all the front & back-end development of the app. 


Ví - April 2020

Over 115 thousand people have downloaded the Rakning app
(Búið að ná í smitrakningaforritið 115 þúsund sinnum) - June 2020

Didn't know how to develop an app
(Vissu ekkert hvernig ætti að búa til app)


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